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10BASE-T to AUI Transceiver
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10BASE-T to AUI Transceiver
LE180A: 10BASE-T, 10B5, AUI M
LE180A: 10BASE-T, 10B5, AUI M

10BASE-T to AUI Transceiver

Connect your legacy equipment's AUI port to any 10BASE-T network.

  • Slide latch ensures a secure connection.
  • No external power supply.
  • High-strength metal case offers protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Perfect for “on-the fly” media conversion while installing or repairing Ethernet LANs. You can use it on the road, at trade shows, or for demos.
  • Switch selectable link and SQE test functions.
  • Detects and corrects reverse polarity on the receiving pair of UTP cables.
  • Warranty: 2-years
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10B5, AUI M
  Transceiver AUI 10BASE-T  
Transceiver AUI 10BASE-T
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